MRCCT researchers honoured in Québec Science list of top discoveries

Drs Philippe Gros, Jerry Pelletier and David Langlais

Quebec Sciences: Top 10 discoveries of 2018. Award for the publication (PNAS, 2018) of a novel dual-targeting molecule against cerebral malaria.

Products derived from plants offer potential as dual-targeting agents for experimental cerebral malaria
(Philippe Gros and Jerry Pelletier, Biochemistry; and David Langlais, Human Genetics)
A recent study conducted as a collaboration between the labs of Dr. Philippe Gros, Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Vice-Dean, Life Science, and Dr. Jerry Pelletier, Professor in the Department of Biochemistry, shows that rocaglates – a class of naturally-derived products from plants of the Aglaia species – effectively block blood-stage parasite replication in several mouse models as well as in infected human red blood cells.

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