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WIP Group Meetings

Every month, two graduate students, post-docs or RA present their latest exciting research to MRCCT members.


Day: Mondays (once a month)
Time: 3:00-4:00 PM
Karp Amphitheater – Room #501

WIP student committee members: 

Mathieu Mancini, Dania Shaban, Angela Mingarelli and Dhanesh Patel

2022 – 2023 Schedule



2 0 2 2 





Viktoria Plackoska  (Dr Ana Nijnik) 
“Assessing the Role of MYSM1 Catalytic Activity in c-MYC Driven Carcinogenesis”
Atia Amin (Dr David Langlais) 
“Exosome mediated spreading of antimony resistance genes in Leishmania infantum”
Jessica Pei (Dr Samantha Gruenheid)
“Investigating the role of intestinal stromal cells in inflammation and infection”
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Andréa Lafleur (Dr Martin Olivier) 
“Does Leishmania have immune mechanisms against viral infection?”
Jean-Frédéric Olivier (Dr Philippe Gros) 
Characterization of the Interaction Between USP15 and SART3 in the Context of Neuroinflammation”
Mikhael Attias (Dr Ciro Piccirillo)
“Functional Dynamics of Regulatory T cells Upon PD-1 blockade”
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Anshul Sinha (Dr Corinne Maurice) 
“Characterizing bacteriophage replication in inflammatory bowel disease and its impact on gut bacterial communities”
Carlos Villalba (Dr Martin Olivier) 
“Characterization of Murine Plasmatic Extracellular Vesicles during Plasmodium chabaudi Infection”
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Dhanesh Patel (Dr Silvia Vidal)
“New human angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) knock-in CD-1 mouse model of “asymptomatic” SARS-CoV-2 infection”
Adrien Fois (Dr Sylvie Lesage)
“Impact of genetics on immune cell metabolism”
Hamza Loucif (Dr Jӧrg Fritz) 
“CFTR-loss of function drives immunometabolic alterations in DCs & T-cells”
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Marwah Mousa (Dr Ana Nijnik)
Caitlin Schneider (Dr Judith Mandl) 
Hicham Bessaiah (Dr Samantha Gruenheid)
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Mary Omole (Dr Corinne Maurice)
Sai Sakktee Krisna (Dr Jӧrg Fritz)
Marija Landekic (Dr Danielle Malo)
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2 0 2 1 





Mauricio Ayala (Dr David Langlais) 
IFN-γ induced chromatin remodeling in bone marrow derived macrophages”
Steven Sutcliffe (Dr Corinne Maurice)
“Bacteriophages Playing Nice: Lysogenic bacteriophage replication increases stability of the human gut microbiota”
Nassima Fodil (Dr Philippe Gros)
“Refining the inflammatory role of USP15 by the generation of new mouse models”
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Aanya Bhagrath (Dr Judith Mandl) 
“Impact of age-related changes to lymph node microarchitecture on T cell responses”
Véronique Laplante (Drs Sylvie Lesage and Jean-François Gauchat)
“Immunophenotyping of a CLCF1 conditional knock-out mice model”
Zhiwei Li (Drs Danielle Malo and Jennifer Ronholm)
“Characterization of Interactions Between Salmonella enterica and Host Gut Microbiome Mediated by Type VI Secretion Systems”
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Audrey Roy-Dorval (Dr Jӧrg Fritz) 
“The endocannabinoid system is a central regulator of group 2 innate lymphoid cells (ILC2)”
George Dong (Dr Martin Olivier)
“Impact of Leishmania Vps36 disruption on extracellular vesicles release and host infection”
Vincent Luo (Drs Judith Mandl and Alexandre Orthwein)
“The role of the deubiquitinase OTUB1 in mature B cell development and trafficking”
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June Kim (Dr Ana Nijnik)
“Investigating the Mechanisms of Interstitial Lung Disease in Systemic Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases”
Roman Istomine (Dr Ciro Piccirillo)
“The Role of eIF4E in CD4+ T Cell Differentiation and Function”
Gaël Galli (Dr Silvia Vidal)
“The role of O-GlcNAcylation in the pathophysiology of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and viral infections: common immuno-metabolic mechanisms?”
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2 0 2 1 




January 20

Jérémy Postat (Dr Judith Mandl) 
“T cell mechanosensing and adaptation to tissue stiffness”
Michael Shamash (Dr Corinne Maurice)
Defining bacteriophage-bacteria interactions in the gut microbiota during early childhood”
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February 17

Sai Sakktee Krisna (Dr Jӧrg Fritz) 
“Understanding the Role of the MNK1/2-eIF4E Axis in Allergic Lung Inflammation: Focus on Group 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells (ILC2s)”
Félix Lombard-Vadnais (Dr Sylvie Lesage)
“Thymic B cells: Important players in type 1 diabetes susceptibility”
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March 17

Pauline Rivière (Dr Erwin Schurr)
Single cell RNAseq analysis of acute severe ulcerative colitis lesions”
Audrey Roy-Dorval (Dr Jӧrg Fritz)
“The endocannabinoid system is a central regulator of group 2 innate lymphoid cells”
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April 28

Zhiwei Li (Drs Danielle Malo and Jennifer Ronholm)
“Characterization of Interactions Between Salmonella enterica and Host Gut Microbiome Mediated by Type VI Secretion Systems”
Thiviya Jeyakumar (Dr Philippe Gros)
“The role of Trim8 in blood-stage malaria”
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May 19

Fernando Alvarez (Dr Ciro Piccirillo)
Jacky Tung (Dr Ana Nijnik)
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June 16

Mariia Taguer (Dr Corinne Maurice)
Rebecca Bellworthy (Dr David Langlais)
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2 0 2 0 




October 21

Tyler Cannon (Dr Samantha Gruenheid) 
“Investigation of the cellular pathways involved in bacterial-induced mitochondrial antigen presentation”
Jean-Frédéric Olivier (Dr Philippe Gros) 
“CCDC88B, RASAL3 and ARHGEF2: Discovery of a New Pathway Regulating Dendritic Cells Migration”
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November 18

George Dong (Dr Martin Olivier) 
“The key role of Vps36 and parasite EVs in Leishmania infection”
Yue Liang (Dr Ana Nijnik) 
“Testing the Role of Nuclear Deubiquitinase BAP1 in B cell Development and Immune Response”
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December 16

Maher Al Khaldi (Dr Sylvie Lesage) 
“ITGAD as a candidate gene affecting NK cell differentiation and function”
Medhi Emam (Dr David Langlais) 
“The Novel Role of ZBTB7B Transcription Factor in Regulation of Mononuclear Phagocyte System”
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2 0 2 0 



January 15

– Glen

Alonso Filho (Dr Martin Olivier)
Thiviya Jeyakumar (Dr Philippe Gros) 
“Inactivation of Interferon Regulatory Factor 1 Causes Susceptibility to Colitis-Associated Colorectal Cancer”
Brendan Cordeiro (Dr Samantha Gruenheid)
“The role of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator in the regulation of DC function”

February 12

– Bellini

Adrien Fois (Dr Sylvie Lesage)
“Immune functions and responses in Leigh Syndrome French Canadian”
Wilian Macedo (Dr Erwin Schurr)
The transcriptomic response of human alveolar macrophages to infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis”
Maike Koellner (Dr Jorg Fritz)
“Agonists of the alternative-cannabinoid receptor GPR55 impair type 2 innate lymphoid cell function”

March 11 

– Bellini

Roman Istomine (Dr Ciro Piccirillo)
“Differential eIF4E activity modulates CD4+ T cell differentiation and function”
Barbara Mindt (Dr Jorg Fritz)
Vinicius Fava (Dr Erwin Schurr) 
Epigenetically primed alveolar macrophages have impaired responses to Mtb infection”

April 8


Félix Lombard-Vadnais (Dr Sylvie Lesage)
Jamie Kim (Dr Danielle Malo)
Lindsay Burns (Dr Samantha Gruenheid)

May 13


Monica Dallmann-Sauer (Dr Erwin Schurr) 
“HLA amino acid variants and leprosy susceptibility”
Will Jogia (Dr Corinne Maurice) 
“The physiological response of the gut microbiota to invasive species”

To join the Zoom Meeting: see info sent by email

June 10


Fiorella Vialard (Dr Martin Olivier) 
“Thermoneutrality and Malaria: How does cold stress affect disease?”
Lindsay Burns (Dr Samantha Gruenheid) 
“Characterization of bacterial effector NleA and its role in virulence
To join the Zoom Meeting: see info sent by email




October 9

– Bellini

Fernando Alvarez (Drs Ciro Piccirillo – Jorg Fritz)
“CD4+Foxp3+ Regulatory T cells Respond to IL-18 to Adapt to Mucosal Inflammation”
Anna Georges (Dr Philippe Gros)
“Exploitation of USP15 as a Therapeutic Target for Neuroinflammatory Diseases
Shannon Hewgill (Dr Jorg Fritz)
“DGAT2 inhibition restrains ILC2-mediated allergic lung inflammation”

November 14
* Thursday

– Glen

George Dong (Dr Martin Olivier)
“The role of exosome production and variability in Leishmania infection”
Jérémy Postat (Dr Judith Mandl)
“How do T Cells avoid traffic jams”
Han Chen Wang (Drs Ana Nijnik-David Langlais)
“Investigating the role of Mysm1 in mouse hematopoietic stem cells with RNASeq and ChIPSeq”

December 11

– Bellini

Ève Beauchemin (Dr Corinne Maurice)
“Characterization of the replicating gut bacteria in a mouse model”
Connie Shen (Dr Judith Mandl)
The role of DOCK8 in maintaining immune cell nuclear integrity during cell migration
Mathieu Mancini (Dr Silvia Vidal)
“c-Rel-dependent regulation of viral and host responses during infection”




Jan. 28 Barbara Mindt (Fritz Lab)
“Essential role of c-Rel in IL-33-mediated activation
of group 2 innate lymphoid cells”
Mariia Taguer (Maurice Lab)
“The succession of bacterial physiology and activity
along the progression of DSS-induced colitis”
Feb. 11 Roman Istomine (Piccirillo Lab)
“USP11 facilitates TGF-β signalling to augment the
TREG/TH17 differentiation axis in CD4+ T cells”
Félix Lombard-Vadnais (Lesage Lab)
“Implication of the Idd2 locus in type 1 diabetes”
Feb. 18
*11h30 to
Caitlin Schneider (Mandl Lab)
“Migration induced cell shattering results
in a Th2 bias”
Jamilah Abusarah (Olivier Lab)
“The Development of a Mesenchymal Stem Cell-based
Vaccine for Leishmania”
11h30-1h: Pizza – Soft drinks (3rd floor/Kitchen area – Bellini)
1h-2h: GRP MTG (Room #501 – Karp Amphitheater)
2h-3h: Photo Op (Atrium – Bellini)
Feb. 25 Yue Liang (Nijnik Lab)
Testing the roles and mechanisms of BAP1 activity in B cells”
Lindsay Burns (Gruenheid Lab)
“Characterization of host-mediated modification of bacterial effector NleA and its role in virulence”
March 18 Angelica Gopal (Mandl Lab)
“Characterizing leukocyte migration via a multiscale image analysis approach”
March 25 George Dong (Olivier Lab)
“The Role of VPS36 in Exosome Production by Leishmania and its Effect on Infection”
Salma Chehboun (Vidal Lab)
“p53 mutation overcomes Gnl1 determined NK cell deficiency”
April 1 Brendan Cordeiro (Gruenheid Lab)
“MicroRNA‐9 fine tunes dendritic cell activation and function through targeting negative regulators”
Monica Dallmann-Sauer (Schurr Lab)
“Aspartic acid at position 57 in the HLA-DRBß1 protein is a strong leprosy risk factor”
April 8 Tyler Cannon (Gruenheid Lab)
“Gram-Negative Intestinal Infection induces anti-mitochondrial autoimmunity in the CNS of Pink1 KO mice”
Allan Tran (Saleh Lab)
“The Role of ERRα and ERRγ in Intestinal Homeostasis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease”
April 15 Mikhael Attias (Piccirillo Lab)
“Regulatory T cell dysregulation during checkpoint inhibition therapy”
Guoyue Xu (Gros Lab)
“A mutation in Bisphosphoglycerate Mutase protects against malaria”
April 29 Isabelle Flinn (Mandl Lab)
“Investigating aberrant expression of Terminal Deoxynucleotidyl Transferase as a novel biomarker in Immunotherapy”
Marija Landekic (Vinh Lab)
“The Card9/GM-CSF Axis in Immunity to C. albicans”
May 6 Jacky Tung (Nijnik Lab)
“Understanding the role of Bap1 in B and T cell development and function”
James Kennedy (Gros Lab)
“ZBTB7B is Required for Pathogenesis of Cerebral Malaria and Protection Against Pulmonary Tuberculosis”
May 27 Patricio Artusa (Mandl Lab)
“Investigating T cell homeostasis in a migration defect caused by DOCK8 deficiency”
Adrien Fois (Lesage Lab)

June 10

12h30 to 2h

12h30-1h: Mandatory EHS Presentation
1h-2h: Students’ Presentation

Andrea Vucetic (Olivier Lab)
“Characterizing the Inflammatory Response Following Interaction between Ebola Virus and Host Cells”

Anshul Sinha (Maurice Lab)
“Using bacteriophages to modulate ulcerative-colitis derived bacterial communities””

June 17 Connie Shen (Mandl Lab)
“The role of DOCK8 in maintaining immune cell nuclear integrity and DNA damage repair”
Thiviya Jeyakumar (Gros Lab)
“Role of IRF1 in colitis-associated colorectal cancer”

2 0 1 8



Sept 10 Welcome message
MRCCT Director, Dr. Silvia Vidal
Nassima Fodil (Gros Lab)
“Deciphering the pathogenesis of Inflammatory Bowel disease: the case of CCDC88B gene”

1h to 1h45: Welcome message & presentation / Karp Amphitheater (Room #501)
1h45: Pizza – Launch Celebration / Conf. room #330 – kitchen area

Sept 17 Shannon Hewgill (Fritz Lab)
“The role of diacylglycerol acyltransferase 2 (DGAT2)
in group 2 innate lymphoid cell (ILC2) function”
Will Jogia (Maurice Lab)
“Dynamics of Bacterial Physiology in the Human Gut Microbiota”
Sept 24 Steven Sutcliffe (Maurice Lab)
“Whole‐Community Approach for Evaluating Bacteria‐Phage Dynamics of the Human Gut Microbiota“
Todd Douglas (Saleh Lab)
“Post‐translational regulation of the deubiquitinase OTULIN mediates cell death”
Oct 22  Mohammadali Khan Mirzaei (Maurice Lab)
“Bacteria‐phages interactions in intestinal dysbiosis”
Cindy Audiger (Lesage Lab)
“Evidence of a default differentiation pathway for cDC2 dendritic cell”
Nov 19 Jamie Kim (Malo Lab)
“Functional Characterization of Fam49b, a novel Salmonella susceptibility gene”
Minnie Lin (Nijnik Lab)
“The role of histone deubiquitinase in B cell carcinogenesis”
Nov 26 Fernando Alvarez (Fritz‐Piccirillo Lab)
“The alarmins IL‐1 and IL‐33 differentially regulate the functional specialization of Foxp3+ regulatory T cells during mucosal inflammation”
Han Chen Wang (Nijnik‐Langlais Lab)
”Mysm1 regulates ribosomal protein gene expression in mouse hematopoietic stem cells”
Dec3 Amanda Fiore (Nijnik‐Langlais Lab)
“The role of MYSM1 in the transcriptional regulation of ribosomal protein coding genes in hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells”
Dakota Rogers (Mandl Lab)
“Strength of TCR:self‐peptide interactions establishes unique transcriptional states in naive CD4 T cells that affect function”




January 8

Joaquín Sanz Remón (Barreiro Lab)
will present at a later date

Mathieu Mancini (Vidal Lab)
“Control of virus-induced neuroinflammation in a model of herpes simplex encephalitis”

January 15

Sabrina Bartolucci (Piccirillo Lab)
“The gp130 signalling pathway limits regulatory T cell suppressive function”

Thiviya Jeyakumar (Gros Lab)
“Association of IRF1 with Colitis-Associated Colorectal Cancer”

January 29

Eugene Kang (Gruenheid Lab)
“Investigating the mechanisms regulating Citrobacter rodentium-induced hyperplasia in resistant mice “

Han Chen Wang (Nijnik Lab)
“Characterizing the Mysm1-Regulated Transcriptional Network in Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells”

February 12

Mostafa Khair (Saleh Lab)
“Metabolic control of innate immunity and cell death”

Angelica Gopal (Mandl Lab)
“Leukocyte migration: Investigating 3D T Cell Motility”

February 26

Alanna Crouse (Malo Lab)
“A Syst-OMICS approach to ensuring food safety: Identifying genetic determinants of Salmonella virulence”

Mitra Yousefi (Gruenheid Lab)
“Dietary Modulation of the Immune Response to Citrobacter rodentium infection”

March 12

Florence Mailhot-Léonard (Barreiro Lab)
“Enhancer activation precedes DNA demethylation in dendritic cells during bacterial infection”

Caitlin Schneider (Mandl Lab)
“The Th2 bias in DOCK8 deficiency is dependent upon IL-1 mediated GM-CSF”

March 19

Felix Lombard-Vadnais (Lesage Lab)
”Characterization of the implication of the Idd2 locus in type 1 diabetes development”

James Kennedy (Gros Lab)
“The Role of ZBTB7B in Genetic Regulation of CD4 T cells During Pathological Inflammation.”

April 9
*special time

Fernando Alvarez (Piccirillo Lab)
“Role of the IL-1 family alarmins on the functional adaptation of Treg cells at mucosal surfaces ”   
*1h to 1h30

Jérémy Postat (PDF candidate – Mandl Lab)
“A metabolism-based quorum sensing mechanism to terminate inflammatory responses”
*1h30 to 2h30

April 23

Haley Randolph (Barreiro Lab)
“Single-cell characterization of innate immune memory responses in human macrophages”

Amanda Fiore (Nijnik Lab)
“The Role of the Nuclear Deubiquitinase MYSM1 in the Transcriptional Regulation of Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells”

April 30

Roman Istomine (Piccirillo Lab)
“The Role of USP11 in modulating TGF-β signalling in CD4+ T cell subsets” 

 *postponed to 2018-2019

Dakota Rogers (Mandl Lab)
“Investigating naive CD4 T cell heterogeneity arising from continuous T cell receptor interactions with self-ligands”

May 7

Victor Mullins-Dansereau (Lesage Lab)
“NOD NK Cells Exhibit a Functional Defect Throughout Their Maturation Process” 


May 14

Alonso Lira Filho (Olivier Lab)
“GP63-Enrichnment in Leishmania Exosomes is Critical for Hyperinflammatory Pathology of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis”


* May 22 *

Joaquín Sanz Remón (Barreiro Lab)
“On the effects of demographic evolution and age-dependent contact structures on tuberculosis transmission forecasts. Implications for vaccine development.”

Patricio Artusa (Mandl Lab)
“The role of T-cell repertoire diversity in CD4+ T-cell responses”.

May 28

 Tho Alfakar Al-aubodah (Piccirillo Lab) 
“Elucidating the immunopathology of  proteinuric kidney diseases.”

Connie Shen (Mandl Lab)
“The role of GM-CSF in inflammation-induced lymph node expansion and adaptive immunity”

June 4

Minnie Lin (Nijnik Lab)
“The role of histone deubiquitinases in B cell physiology and carcinogenesis”

Barbara Mindt (Fritz Lab)

June 11

MRCCT Symposium

Hotel ALT – Montreal/Griffintown
120 rue Peel – 7th floor

June 18 Tyler Cannon (Gruenheid Lab)
“Investigating the role of Gram-negative infections in Mitochondrial Antigen Presentation”

Corinne Maurice – Special PI presentation

* June 26

Karim Malet (Fritz Lab)
“Elucidating cytokine secretion pathway in ILC2”

Jean-Frédéric Olivier (Gros Lab)
“From Cerebral Malaria Resistance to Dendritic Cells Defects: Deciphering the New Role of CCDC88B in Cellular Migration”

* July 3

Wilian Macedo (Schurr Lab)
“Transcriptomics dissection of the host-pathogen interplay in mycobacterial diseases”

Nassima Fodil (Gros Lab)




September 25

Megan Eva (Malo Lab)
“Identification of novel Salmonella-susceptibility genes”


October 2



October 23

Cindy Audiger (Lesage Lab)
“Functional characterization of
merocytic dendritic cells”

Todd Douglas (Saleh Lab)
“Regulation of the linear-specific deubiquitinase
Otulin during cell death”

November 20

Yujian Yang (Piccirillo Lab)
“The role of a salt-sensing protein SGK1 in modulating Treg/Th17 differentiation axis”

Gabriel André Leiva (Vidal Lab)
“An ENU induced mutation in the GNL1 GTPase causes a p53-dependent NK cells deficiency”

November 27

Tim Kong (Huang Lab)
“Uncovering novel regulators of PD-L1 in triple negative breast cancer”

Claudia Duerr (Fritz Lab)
postponed to December 11

December 4

Vinicius Fava (Schurr Lab)
“Rare PRKN mutations are shared risk factors in leprosy/T1R and Parkinson’s disease”

Vicki Leung (Gros Lab)
“The role of Vangl2 in retinal development”

December 11

Marija Landekic (Vihn Lab)
“The Card9/GM-CSF Axis in Immunity to C. albicans”

Claudia Duerr (Fritz Lab)
“Regulation of ILC2 in fate and functions”

  Holidays / Christmas  Break




January 9

Mathieu Mancini (Vidal Lab)

Fernando Alvarez (Piccirillo Lab)

January 16

Alonso Lira Filho (Olivier Lab)



January 30


Dr Mathieu Blanchette (PI Presentation)

Dr Judith Mandl (PI Presentation)

2h -4h  /  * Wine and cheese mixer right after the group meeting – Bellini *

February 13

Genelle Harrison 
(Schurr & Barreiro Labs)
“The advent of agriculture has shaped innate
immune responses to pathogens”

James Kennedy (Gros Lab)
“Loss of Zbtb7b Protects Mice from Pathological
Inflammation Induced by Cerebral Malaria”

February 20

Barbara Mindt (Fritz Lab)
“Role of c-Rel in IL-33 mediated ILC2 activation”

Mitra Shourian (Qureshi Lab)
“Essential role of IL-1RI signaling in protection
against Cryptococcus neoformans infection”

February 27

Roman Istomine (Piccirillo Lab)
“The role of translation regulation in CD4+
T cell subset differentiation and function”

Jean-Frédéric Olivier (Gros Lab)
“From Cerebral Malaria Resistance to Cellular
Migratory Defects: Deciphering the Role
of CCDC88B in Dendritic Cells“

March 6

Maria Polyak (Gros Lab)
“USP15: Deciphering its role in neuropathogenesis”

Marija Landekic (Vihn Lab)
“CARD9-mediated Mechanisms of Macrophage
Immunity to Candida albicans”

March 20

Claudia Duerr (Fritz Lab)
“Isolation and Characterization of mouse and human ILC2”

Steven Shao (Piccirillo Lab)
Title to come

April 3

Étienne Flamant (Malo Lab)
“Characterization of Fam49b, a new player
in regulating the early response to Salmonella infection”

Todd Douglas (Saleh Lab)
“Cross-regulation between the inflammasome
and linear ubiquitin assembly complex machinery”

April 10

Alain Pacis  (Barreiro Lab)
“Epigenetic regulation of innate immune responses to infection”

Nassima Fodil (Gros Lab)
“CCDC88B, a novel immune regulator for IBD pathogenesis”

April 24

Dakota Rogers (Mandl Lab)
“Predicting functional characteristics of naïve CD4 T Cells by characterizing cell-Intrinsic heterogeneity”

Victor Mullins-Dansereau (Lesage Lab)
“An unbiased linkage approach reveals that the p53 pathway is coupled to NK cell maturation”

May 1

Thiviya Jeyakumar (Gros Lab)
“Deciphering the role of THEMIS and IRF1 in
the pathogenesis of CA-CRC”

Alanna Crouse (Malo Lab)
“A Syst-OMICS Approach to Ensuring Food Safety and Reducing the Economic Burden of Salmonellosis”

May 15

Han Chen Wang (Nijnik Lab)
“ChIP-Seq Data Analysis Indicated the Role of MYSM1 in the
Transcriptional Regulation of Ribosomal Protein Genes”

June 5

Vicki Leung (Gros Lab)
“Characterization of Curlybob a novel Vangl2 mouse mutant”


June 12

Benjamin Foretell  (Mandl Lab)
“Regulatory T cells differ from conventional CD4+ T cells in their recirculatory behaviour and lymph node residency times”

Joaquín Sanz Remón (Barreiro Lab)
“BCG reprogramming of hematopoietic stem cells generates protective innate immunity against tuberculosis”

June 19

Dr Martin Olivier (PI Presentation) 
Sandfly Vector and Leishmania: What about their Nanobiomes? Impact on immune response and skin pathology development…”

Dr Ana Nijnik (PI Presentation) 
Regulation of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Biology and Lymphocyte Development by Chromatin Binding Deubiquitinases”

June 26

Mostafa Khair (Saleh Lab)
“O-GlcNAcylation regulates RIP3 expression and activity”





October 24

Gabriel André Leiva (Vidal Lab)
“Identification of an ENU mutation in STAT5A crucial
for host response to herpesvirus infection”

Maryse Dagenais (Saleh Lab)
“A critical role for cIAP2 in intestinal homeostasis”

October 31

Roxanne Collin (Lesage Lab)
“Genetic interaction between Idd2 and Idd13 loci in
determining immunoregulatory CD4-CD8- T cell proportion”

Megan Eva (Malo Lab)
“Ncoa7 regulates inflammation and immunity to typhoid-like disease”

November 21

Caitlin Schneider (Mandl Lab)
“The type-2 CD4 T cell effector bias associated with the
migration defect caused by DOCK8 deficiency is T cell
extrinsic and GMCSF-dependent”

Cindy Audiger (Lesage Lab)
“Characterization of mcDC homeostasis”

December 5

Luke Healy
(Antel Lab)

David Langlais
(Gros Lab)

Holidays / Christmas  Break




January 11 Jennifer Marton
“TNNI3K overexpression renders mice susceptible to CVB3-induced myocarditis“

January 25

Rupinder Boora
“Regulation of p53 transcriptional activity through the interaction of MYSM1 with HDAC1 and HDAC2”
Jean-Frédéric Olivier
“Altered Activity of Dendritic Cells in Cerebral Malaria Resistant ccdc88b Mutant Mice”

February 8

Megan Eva
“ENU-induced mutation in NCOA7 confers susceptibility to typhoid-like disease”
Jessica Petrov
“Mapping the MYSM1 Transcriptional Network in Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells”

March 14

Natalie Giannakopoulou
“Virulence and Fitness Factors in Attaching and Effacing Pathogens”
Tyler Cannon
“Investigating the Role of EspF in Mitochondrial Antigen Presentation”

March 21

Travis Ackroyd
“Characterizing the role of CFTR in intestinal infection”
James Kennedy
“SPPL2a Deficiency Causes Susceptibility to Mycobacterial Disease Through Impaired Dendritic Cell Function”

April 11

Todd Douglas
“Cross-regulation between the inflammasome and linear ubiquitination machinery”
Marija Landekic
“Deciphering cytokine trafficking mechanisms in group 2 innate lymphoid cells”

April 25

Maryse Dagenais
“Role of IL-1R1 in breast cancer and lung metastasis”

May 9

Sabrina Torre
“DUB regulates type I interferon response in vivo and is required for pathogenesis of microbial and autoimmune neuroinflammation”
Nassima Fodil
“CCDC88B is required for pathogenesis
of inflammatory bowel disease in human
and mice”

May 30

Vicki Leung
“The Role of the Planar Cell Polarity Protein Vangl2 in the Development and Function of the Retina”
Patricio Artusa
title to come

June 6

Eugene Kang
“R-spondin expression: a link between intestinal inflammation and tissue homeostasis?”
Michael Foerster
“To B or not to B – a role for MYSM1 in
B cell development and malignancy”

June 27

Mathieu Mancini

“A mutation in Rel confers susceptibility to herpes simplex encephalitis”

Maria Polyak

“USP15: Deciphering its role in neuropathogenesis”




September 28 Alexander Skeldon Claudia Duerr
October 13
Kyoko Yuki Gabriel André Leiva
October 26 Christian Gualtieri Mitra Yousefi
November 9 Barbara Mindt
“Regulation of B cell Immunity by Type III Interferons”
Alexandre Morizotpostponeddate TBD
“Probiotic bacterium protect intestinal cells from TNFalpha induced apoptosis”

December 7

Special announcement by Dr. Silvia Vidal, Director, CTG
David Langlais
“The IRF8 and IRF1 regulome: driver of pathological inflammation”
Jad Belle
“p53/PUMA axis repression by MYSM1 in hematopoiesis”

Holidays / Christmas  Break




September 22 Gregory Boivin Alexander Skeldon
October 6 Nassima Fodil-Cornu Sean Beatty
October 20 Eugene Kang Claudia Duerr
November 3 Connor McCarthy Jérémy Dupaul-Chicoine
November 17 Barbara Mindt Alexandre Morizot
December 1 Gabriel André Leiva Megan Eva
December 15 Kyoko Yuki  

Holidays / Christmas  Break




January 12 David Langlais Jad Belle
January 26 Michael Foerster Marc Ouellette 
February 9 Mathieu Mancini  
March 9 Maryse Dagenais Jennifer Marton
March 16 Vicki Leung James Kennedy
March 30 François Barbé  

April 7*

Jean-Frédéric Olivier  
April 27 Sabrina Torre Maria Polyak
May 11 Travis Ackroyd Ian Gael Rodrigue-Gervais
May 25 Joy Sun Jessica Petrov
June 8 Marija Landekic Neda Moradin
June 23*
Christian Gualtieri Todd Douglas




January 13 Megan Eva Jad Belle
January 27 Alexandre Morizot Gregory Caignard
February 10 Todd Douglas Phoebe Zhong
February 17 James Kennedy Jennifer Marton
March 10 Rebekah Van Bruggen Claudia Duerr
March 24 Anna Kinio Mathieu Mancini
April 7 Eugene Kang  
May 5 Ian Gael Rodrigue-Gervais Connor McCarthy
May 26* / 12h David Langlais François Barbé
June 9 Aurélie Laroque Peter Moussa




September 23 Sandra Salem  
October 7 Gregory Boivin Maryse Dagenais
October 21 Jérémy Dupaul-Chicoine  
November 4* / 12h Sabrina Torre Alex Skeldon
November 18 Michael Foerster Gabriel André leiva
December 2* / 12h Vicki Leung Barbara Mindt 
December 16 Kyoko Yuki Sean Beatty

Holidays / Christmas  Break




September 10 David Langlais Maude Paradis
September 24   (1:30-2:30*) Ian Gael Rodrigue-Gervais Nassima Fodil-Cornu
October 22       (2:00-3:00*) Vicki Leung Rabia Khan
November 5 Barbara Mindt Alexandre Morizot
November 19 Olivier Papapietro Sean Beatty
December 3 Gregory Boivin Sabrina Torre
December 17 Jérémy Dupaul-Chicoine Irena Radovanovic

Holidays / Christmas  Break




January 14

Gregory Caignard


January 28

Claudia Duerr

Maryse Dagenais

February 11

Megan Eva

Michal Pyzik

February 25

Aurélie Laroque

Alex Skeldon

March 11

Shauna Dauphinée

Gabriel André Leiva

March 25

Alexandra Iliescu

Todd Douglas

April 8

Jennifer Marton

James Kennedy

April 22  *postponed to May 27*  

Jad Belle

Peter Moussa

May 6

Rebekah Van Bruggen

Phoebe Zhong

May 27*

Anna Kinio

Peter Moussa

June 3

Sean Whiltshire

Jad Belle

June 17

Kyoko Yuki